Where to publish your next novel and how we can help you while designing your book cover

Over the years the publishing alternatives have skyrocketed. Today you can opt for both an e-book and a printed book through these services. Below you can find some of the alternatives that you can go to. As BookCoverZone, we have over the years worked with all of these companies and rest assured we will create a cover that is not only catchy, but also one that is technically ready to be uploaded directly to any of the services listed below.

1. Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP)

Still the leading self-publishing alternative on the market Amazon KDP (with it’s recent merger with CreateSpace) account to more than %60 of all self-published books worldwide. About 80% of all English-language ebook sales occur via Amazon, and self-published titles alone account for 42% of this figure. 

2. CreateSpace

It’s slowly winding down and transferring it’s entire catalogue over to KDP. However it’s still a solid system that’s worth checking out. Just bear in mind that CreateSpace does not offer the hardcover format, however their paperback quality is top-notch. But bear in mind that Amazon takes a 40% cut from every standard sale, and a whopping 60% from sales that are done through their Expanded Distribution program. Royalty is paid after deducting Amazon’s commission (40% or 60%), a fixed charge, and a per-page charge from the book’s list price. ISBN’s are provided free by their system.

3. IngramSpark

As we’re working with hundreds of authors each month we can easily say that number 3 on our list for the most popular self-publishing services is Ingram Spark. Their quality is on par with Amazon and they also offer hardcover versions. IngramSpark is a servcie established by Ingram, the world’s leading distributor of print books, connected to 39,000 bookstores, libraries, and online retailers in more than 150 countries. IngramSpark also distributes ebooks to all the top online retailers, including Amazon, iBooks, Kobo, and Barnes & Noble. So it should definitely be on your list!

4. Lulu

Lulu is one of the oldest players in this industry. One can easily say that they are the ones who started the whole self-publishing craze. Lulu offers both hardcover and paperback formats and their e-book conversion, publishing, and distribution services are free. However you would still need a book cover before paying them a visit. 

5. Bookbaby

Over the years more and more authors have come to us to prepare book cover designs according to Bookbaby’s specifications. It’s safe to say that this company is growing. Printed books generate royalties between 10% and 30%. E-books earn 100% royalties after deducting the retailer’s commission. Sales made through Bookshop, however, earn 85% royalties. Bookbaby also has a print-on-demand service that is worth checking out. 

Honorable mentions: iUniverse, Xlibri – these are respectable players in the market and we will write more about them in the future. In the meantime good luck preparing your next book!