Social Media Marketing Materials - only $49!

We know that publishing a book is not just about getting the book out. You will need a variety of innovative and creative marketing materials that you can use on different social media platforms. That's why you can now purchase a comprehensive package of social media banners, custom tailored to the design of your book. Below you can see our different options, their prices and how it works. We know your book is personal, so you might want to get in touch with us personally. Don't hesitate to write to us!

Social Media Marketing Materials will be prepared for the following platforms:

Please read before purchasing this service

Texts and Fonts

Texts already used on your cover will be used. Depending on the length, the hook may be omitted in some/all of the social media banners.


Colors and background will be based on the original cover. In some instances we use the back cover background color or image to gain a consistent feel.

Author Portrait

Unless you specify otherwise, no portrait will be used. Please let us know if you want your portrait to be included prior to making any payment.

Final Files

You will get the final files according to the specifications set forth for each of the social media platforms. We deliver the files in JPG.

You will receive the files within 48-72 hours. An extra fee of $30 is present in case additional revision rounds are needed.