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BookCoverZone, a startup technology company, is creating the largest and most vibrant marketplace for authors to create a strong and unique identity for their books, e-books and other published materials. We are dedicated to offer only high-end content for new and established authors and publishers. Authors and publishers can browse through our constantly expanding catalogue of high-quality, high-resolution book covers or they ask our designers to prepare a unique design for their soon-to-be-published works. We are hoping to be the bridge between the creative mind of the author and his or her audience. Through our book cover designs, we believe expanding your audience will get easier.

By combining high-end web tools with creative pre-made designs we try to offer a new way for authors and publishers to find the ultimate visual representation of their work.

We know we're not the only option when it comes to designing your cover; however rest assured, we're the only option when it comes to high-quality, industry-level book designs. Each one of our designers are book designers by profession and have designed over hundreds if not thousands of book covers.


James Cameron

"The book cover is a combination of typographical and visual elements. Sometimes a very clean and bare cover will be sufficient to explain the content. But more oftenly a cover with plenty of text and a lot of information does better. Book cover design is not poetry, elegance is not always requiered and aesthetic harmony and beauty are by no means preconditions. Just like the novel itself, the book cover too needs conflict, emotions and excitement. In the end the book cover has a practical and pragmatic purpose and it's artistic merits should not be exaggarated. It's job is to negotiate with the reader and convince him or her of buying the book."

Diren Yardimli, Co-founder of BookCoverZone.com

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