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How to find the perfect design for your book

As our premade book cover catalog is expanding day by day, it might start getting difficult or too time-consuming to find a cover that matches your books needs. Currently we're hosting over 6000 pre-made book cover designs and soon are estimating to surpass the 10.000 mark.

While we do our best to categorize each and every cover under the right genre, it often happens that authors find a cover that covers their needs under a completely different category. For instance a romance cover might be found under poetry, or a poetry cover might be found under literary fiction. 

To make the process of finding the exact cover more easily we also offer a wide range of tags. You can see our most popular tags by simply clicking on them from the tag menu or you can search for specific tags. While the tags are not genre-oriented (meaning the genres are not included in the tags) they're doing an excellent job in finding a cover with elements that you need on it. Looking for a path and a man walking, simply write "path" and "man" and you will get numerous results. 

We're also trying to present to you a selection of covers that you find interesting by suggesting similar looking covers once you open a specific cover. In case you can't find the cover you're looking for, you can always drop us a line and we'll show you some examples as well. 

And as a last resort, we do offer custom made covers as well. While their price is higher, this is the service you will need if you have an exact vision of your cover. Rest assured, you will work with our best designers.

Book Cover for Sale! Why premade book covers might be the best choice for your next novel.

Premade does not mean mediocre. Premade does not mean ordinary. Quite on the contrary a premade book cover is many times the work of a bold spirit, a designer who has led his or her imagination run free and uninterrupted. The book cover designer knows the rules of design, the general landscape of the publishing industry and can thus create great book covers for the authors audience. Every book cover for sale on our site is a work-of-art.

Most importantly a premade book cover is a riskless and speedy purchase. WYSIWYG - what you see is what you get! You buy a world-class, professional work of design for the fraction of the price of what you would be paying had you worked directly with the designer behind it. Yes you can buy a book cover made specifically for your book from our system as well (see our custom designs service). But the book covers for sale on our site are by no means any less ambitious than what you would get had you worked with designer personally. And in the end of that design process you might not have been satisfied with the result and all the money and time you spent would have been in vain.

We are a book cover design service committed to only offering the most unique and eye-catching designs. Yes, it takes longer to create these covers, but in the end we're confident that you'll be satisfied with what you see and purchase from our service.  

Book cover designer - The artist in service of the author

A book cover designer is an artist in every sense of the word. The only difference is that the book cover designer is also a marketing expert. He or she is working with a specific goal - reflecting the content of the book and striving to make people buy the book. 

A book cover designer knows that the book cover is not intended to be hung at the wall in a living room. It doesn't always have to be decorative, beautiful or peaceful. Heck, there are times when it doesn't have to be aesthetic pleasing as well. It can be downright repulsive, offensive and controversial. A book cover design can be provocative, conflicting and downright politically "incorrect". It has to stir a debate, many times it has to be unconventional and unorthodox. While the rules for genre fictions are pretty much in place, other genres or genre-less books require more conceptual, abstract designs. 

A book cover designer has to have a deep knowledge of literature, history, fashion and contemporary politics and arts. While he or she is not an author, an historian or a politician, he or she has to be able to play around with the ideas and concepts of our generation. The book cover designer is a fashion designer, working on a canvas, a tablet. And just as fashion is evolving all the time, so is the design expectations of book covers. While many ideas and rules are deep-rooted in book cover designs, there are nevertheless always a flow of change and a serious reconstruction in the design landscape every minute we breath.

In the end the book cover designer is working best when left alone. As soon as the client or author start meddling with the design starts disintegrating, the holistic aspect is lost and while the client may be satisfied with the result, the hearth is lost. That is why we give our book cover designers complete freedom here at BookCoverZone. We want their imagination to run free and wild. Because we know that the best ideas comes from a free and unobstructed spirit.

Our secret to good covers

Naturally when something turns out bad, we look for someone to blame. Well let's get it straight, bad book cover designs are fully the designers and publishers responsibility, but actually part the fault lies in the author as well. When an author wants to have his/her book published, they naturally want the cover to tell the story in the book. But a book is full of things, and trying to put them all on the cover usually leads to an over-crowded, chaotic cover. Throughout our careers as book cover designers we take full credit in our good designs, but also acknowledge that we are responsible for some really bad covers as well.

The problem we face is usually trying to convince the authors that a book cover should convey ONE vital and catchy element in the story, and leave the rest out. A truly great book cover is one that has lots of empty space, an elegant use of typography and a good and easily noticeable hierarchical layout. These are elements only the book cover designer knows about and can implement in a satisfactory way. So part of the designers job is actually to convince the author to leave the designing process to him/her. In fact, half of the challenge any designer face and has to take care of, is to convince the client not to ask for things that simply wouldn't look good on a design. An author that wants to put everything on the cover usually ends up with a mediocre cover that he or she won't be fond of in the end either.

This is also one of the reasons, buying covers from a premade archive is usually less risky. These are done by true designers and it might not reflect everything in your story, but so it shouldn't either. You buy a cover that has all the right elements in just the enough amount with a correct layout and hierarchical structure. In short a book cover that is a book cover in every professional sense.

Our Business and Abstract category is growing!

We noticed we have been too busy creating our fiction catalogue, so in the last few weeks we focused on our non-fiction section. As a result we now have a wide business and abstract section, but we're striving hard to enlarge and diversify it. If you feel some concepts are missing feel free to contact us and we'll work specifically on them. In the meantime we have also expanded our selection of fiction books, we now have an impressive selection of children book covers as well. And lastly we have created a "Nature" category in our fiction section. We are aware a lot of authors choose natural scenes that reflects the mood and atmosphere of their novels, so we believe this will come in handy. As for our future projects; we are planning on opening a section specifically for royal romance and Harlequin type of romance novels. So if you're passionate about... passionate novels, stay tuned. Soon we'll have something for you! 

Book Cover Zone is growing!

We've just reached the 1000 milestone in our catalogue! That means 1000 readily usable, professional and passionate book cover designs that are ready to embrace your novel, poetry book or scientific work.


Yes, we are aware that some other similar services offer a larger selection but if you browse through our catalogue and do a simple comparison you will see that we value quality more than quantity. We try to cover (ie include) as many ideas and design approaches as possible; however each of our covers must reflect our basic principles of design. That is why we prefer a more cautious and careful approach when expanding our catalogue. We also carefully evaluate each of the design or our site and constantly keep working on them and update them accordingly, to reach a level of perfection unparalleled in other sites.

On the technical side, we still have a lot more to do. Our book cover creation engine is a work-in-progress so we offer free, unlimited revision services for all our clients for the time being. This means that as soon as you purchase a premade cover one of our designers are also at your service, doing everything he or she can to obtain the perfect typographical layout on your book. But remember, this is just a temporary service; as soon as our book cover creation engine starts working in full, our manual services will be paid.

We are also striving to reach a web site that is more practical and easy to use. You do not have to be a geek or a designer to find and use the right cover. 

Until then, keep following us on this section of our blog for new or improved updates on our service.