5 Compelling Book Promotion Ideas for Self-Published Authors

Writing is writing. Publishing, however is marketing. Once you have your book out, you will seriously need to start thinking about ways to promote your title. A good cover design goes a long way, but is by no means enough. There are millions of books out there and so as not to get lost there, you need to find your target market and set realistic goals for yourself. Here are 5 ideas worth thinking about:

Create A Blog

And fill it with relevant (but always interesting) information aimed at your target market segment. You do not need to openly talk about your newly published title here, as people who will find your articles interesting will definitely want more and therein comes the book into play. A few simple links to Amazon will do the trick, once you have some readers hooked.

Use social media

The idea here is basically the same. Social media won’t create miracles but is an excellent means to spread the word out. Again, do not just advertise your book. Make interesting posts that will eventually lead the observer to your book.

Get reviews for your book

You do not need to be reviewed by Stephen King. All kinds of reviews are useful and helpful. Amazon’s review section is a wonderful place to make this happen. You can also promote your pre-release book in Goodread’s network of over 60 million members through a featured giveaway. Reviews are a wonderful means to get people to be interested in your title. While paid advertisements are good to get the word out, the best advertisement is when others speak highly of your book.

Write an appealing book blurb

The blurb is the readers second contact with your book (the first one being the front cover). A catchy blurb will do wonders. Pay attention to write about what makes your book interesting, different, worth the read, worth paying for. Are you answering some serious questions, ask the questions. Is the finale breathtaking, let them feel it (without giving away too much).

Get a professional cover

While this one is obvious, it should never be underestimated. An amateurish cover will give the impression that the content is also amateurish. A boring cover will mean that the content is boring. Get a catchy, but genre-friendly cover for your book. Being too experimental on the cover can also lead to the readers expecting something experimental. And readers are generally more conservative than you will imagine.