this cover has been sold.
this cover has been sold.

Givry #7224

$119.00  $89.00

This book cover has 2 lines for the title, 1 line for the subtitle, 1 line for the author, 2 lines for the hook, and finally 1 line for the genre.

The most popular tags describing this Chick Lit premade book cover are see all, adult, people, beauty and red.

Other keywords revelant to this premade cover are hair, romance, women, photography, sensuality, bright, elegance, horizontal, yellow, desire, girlfriend, hairstyle, females, fashionable, adults only, beautiful people, young adult, one person, seduction, temptation, femininity, mouth, flirting, lipstick, one woman only, anxiety, fashion model, young women, couple - relationship, sex and reproduction, ukraine, dreaming, part of, luck, worried, human lips, youth culture, hungry, multi colored, vibrant color, curly hair, mistake, day dreaming, emotional stress, wishing, physical pressure, lip balm, facial mask - beauty product, biting.

SKU: #7224

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