Our Business and Abstract category is growing!

We noticed we have been too busy creating our fiction catalogue, so in the last few weeks we focused on our non-fiction section. As a result we now have a wide business and abstract section, but we’re striving hard to enlarge and diversify it. If you feel some concepts are missing feel free to contact us and we’ll work specifically on them. In the meantime we have also expanded our selection of fiction books, we now have an impressive selection of children book covers as well. And lastly we have created a “Nature” category in our fiction section. We are aware a lot of authors choose natural scenes that reflects the mood and atmosphere of their novels, so we believe this will come in handy. As for our future projects; we are planning on opening a section specifically for royal romance and Harlequin type of romance novels. So if you’re passionate about… passionate novels, stay tuned. Soon we’ll have something for you!