How we design a book cover

The tools used for  designing a book cover can vary a lot. Sometimes illustrations are made, sometimes classical paintings are used and most often stock imagery is being used. Collage is a great part of the process of book design. Once the imagery has been decided upon, a suitable typeface for the genre, period and overall feel is selected. Then the layout is done in a variety of ways. Finally the best one is chosen by a board of designers.

When you buy a book cover from our site, rest assured that it was checked thoroughly before being put online. Each book cover we sell on our site takes around an hour to design, then another hour to check and re-check. The quality assurance procedure we have in place slows things down, but it guarantees that you’ll have seamless experience while searching for and creating your book cover. 

The technical part of book cover design is the labor the designer has to endure. The imaginative part is a whole different story. We want our authors to be able to buy a book cover design that will fit their stories exactly. But just as there are millions of stories out there, so there must be a wide range of cover designs the authors can choose from. We strive hard to cover more genres, more ideas and more design languages. Every day is a design challenge for us. In the end, BookCoverZone is a work-in-progress and it will remain so as long as it’s in service. Just like a good novel, BookCoverZone is a story that doesn’t have a definite ending. We strive to write new chapters on our site, every day.