How to find the perfect design for your book

As our premade book cover catalog is expanding day by day, it might start getting difficult or too time-consuming to find a cover that matches your books needs. Currently we’re hosting over 6000 pre-made book cover designs and soon are estimating to surpass the 10.000 mark.

While we do our best to categorize each and every cover under the right genre, it often happens that authors find a cover that covers their needs under a completely different category. For instance a romance cover might be found under poetry, or a poetry cover might be found under literary fiction. 

To make the process of finding the exact cover more easily we also offer a wide range of tags. You can see our most popular tags by simply clicking on them from the tag menu or you can search for specific tags. While the tags are not genre-oriented (meaning the genres are not included in the tags) they’re doing an excellent job in finding a cover with elements that you need on it. Looking for a path and a man walking, simply write “path” and “man” and you will get numerous results. 

We’re also trying to present to you a selection of covers that you find interesting by suggesting similar looking covers once you open a specific cover. In case you can’t find the cover you’re looking for, you can always drop us a line and we’ll show you some examples as well. 

And as a last resort, we do offer custom made covers as well. While their price is higher, this is the service you will need if you have an exact vision of your cover. Rest assured, you will work with our best designers.