Frequently Asked Questions

Creating a Custom Covers

Can I send the picture I want to be used on my book cover?

Yes, as long as it’s high resolution and you own the usage rights. Please keep in mind that although Google is full of wonderful images, most of them cannot be used on commercial products, such as book covers. Just because the image doesn’t have the © symbol somewhere on it, doesn’t mean it’s free to use. The opposite is in fact true. Every image, photo or illustration on the internet are bound by copyrights, unless openly stated otherwise. Either you will need a written permission from the artist to use the image or buy it online from a stock photo site.


As for your own drawings, illustrations or photos, yes they can be used. But unless they are professionally made, we would recommend you not to use them. Remember, a book cover is a commercial product so should look professional and catchy more than anything else.

How long does it take to design a custom cover?

We try to be as fast as possible. However designing a high-quality book cover can be time consuming. Initial drafts will be available to you within 2-3 days. Once the basics are there, it will take another 48 hours to finish and polish the cover.

How many revisions can I ask for?

That depends on the package – but generally, the revision limits in all packages are more than enough to obtain what you want. As long as you trust our designers (and they’re really good at what they do!) your book cover will be breathtaking. Revision rounds for each package is as follows:

Print/eBook Cover Pack ($499) – 5 revision rounds included, any additional round costs $25.
eBook Cover Design ($399) – 3 revision rounds included, any additional round costs $25.
Changing fonts and/or font color on a premade cover ($50) – 2 revision rounds included, any additional round costs $25.
Making fonts and/or font colors consistent on 3 or more premade covers bought as parts of a series (free) – first 2 revision rounds are free, any additional round costs $25.

Do I have to pay for the stock image?

No, all stock images are included in the price. On the premade covers you pay one price for both the design and the images. On custom made covers you might also need more than one image, that’s also included. We use, so just send us the images you want on your cover and we’ll take care of the rest.

Can you draw or illustrate something for my cover?

No, because we are not illustrators – we are graphic designers. We create covers by manipulating photographic stock images, typography and illustrations. We do use illustrated images as long as they are available from stock archives.

What format will be used for my custom made cover?

Generally we deliver the whole cover (front, spine and back) in both JPG and PDF, with a high-resolution so that it can be used in a wide range of services without any hassle. We also deliver 3D mock-ups that can easily be used in advertisement. In case you need a specific format, just tell us and we’ll work accordingly.

Customization Issues

Changes to my design weren’t saved

This usually happens when you’re not logged into the system before starting working on the cover. Please be sure to be logged in, THEN start working on the cover so as not to loose any work you have done.

I can’t use custom characters on the cover I like

As we’re working with thousands of different fonts on the covers, some font makes might have preferred not to design the letters for all languages or might have omitted adding some symbols or numbers. Please be sure to try the cover out with your own texts before making any purchase, as we cannot offer any refunds on the premade covers.

Are there any customization or download limitations?

No, none whatsoever. Once you have purchased the cover you are free to tweak it as much as you like and download as many instances in as many trim sizes as you like. There are no time limits involved either. So you can just purchase the cover right away and work on it on a later date.

Nothing happens when I click APPLY!

It might be a server issue or an issue with the fonts used on the cover. In any case, if the problem should persist on your second try, please let us know and we’ll take care of it right away.

I need another line on the cover. Can you do this for me?

Yes. We’re aware that, while we try to present as many text fields as possible, sometimes you may need more. Through our Custom Services page, you can ask for a variety of different services, including adding new text fields on your cover.

I have an ISBN number for my book. Can you place it on the cover?

Amazon KDP will automatically add the barcode to your cover so in most cases this shouldn’t be needed. However if you still would like us to add the barcode to your cover, we offer this service for a fee of $59 from our Customization Services page. Just send us the ISBN number or the barcode and we’ll send the cover with the added barcode via email.

Can I purchase the front cover now and the spine and back at a later date?

Yes. Whenever you want. Just head over to MY BOOKS and click on the ADD SPINE & BACK button. After you have purchased the spine and back, you can select the correct trim size, page count and paper type to start setting up the back cover of your book.

I’ve purchased multiple covers for a series I’m going to have published, however I need to have a consistent look on all covers. What must I do?

In case you have purchased 3 or more premade covers for a series we offer manual typographical revisions (making all of the covers consistent by using the same typography and color profile on all covers) for a fee of $199. You get two revision rounds once the cover has been revised and sent to you. Once it’s been approved by you, the covers will be reuploaded to the system from where you can continue tweaking the texts as necessary. Please keep in mind that any additional revision rounds cost $25. You can reach our customization services by clicking here.

Can I ask for changes on the front of a premade cover?

Manual text revisions (changing the size and placements of the texts) on all covers are free of charge. For typographical (changing a font)  changes a fee of $59 apply. 2 revision rounds are included in the price. Please note that not all design changes can be implemented, so ask before purchasing in case you want something changed on the cover.

Can I change the title or texts on my cover after I have bought it?

Yes. Whenever you want, as many times as you like.  You are free to manipulate them, whenever the need arises. For custom made covers you will need a graphic designers help; so a small fee of $25 will apply for each revision round in case you need some manipulation.

What languages are supported on the designs?

Basically every book cover using the Latin alphabet can be made. However bear in mind that not all fonts used on the covers support modified letters used in many languages. Feel free to try out your cover in other languages as well; in case you have a problem with the typography feel free to contact us, so we can work specifically on your cover.

Can I choose the fonts for my premade cover?

Selecting a suitable and professional typeface (and tweaking with it, if necessary) for a specific set of images is an important aspect of designing book covers – and honestly, also one of the key reasons you are paying. Combining visual elements with other design elements (such as typefaces) is a designers job. That is why we prefer to choose the most suitable fonts ourselves.

However, if your book is part of a series we do offer manual revision of the fonts, (so that they can all be consistent) for $199 via our customization services page.

In case you feel you MUST have a different font of a premade cover you have bought and it is not part of a series (i.e. you have only bought ONE cover), a fee of $59 applies to have the fonts changed. If you don’t know the name of the font you want to be used, tell us whether you prefer scriptural texts, sans serif, typewriter, etc.. We will try to get the best result, taking into account your expectations as well. This service includes 2 revision rounds. Any additional revision rounds cost $25.

I found a cover that’s almost perfect, but I still need some changes on it…

Pre-made covers are what their name implies. They are ready-made covers, made by professional book cover designers and therefore should be left that way. Starting to make changes on them will not only destroy their carefully crafted compositions but would also require a lot of time and effort which would result in higher prices. In case you want a specific composition we will gladly work on your project – just head over to our Custom Covers page. But keep in mind, our catalog is constantly expanding, so keep an eye on us!

We offer typographical changes on premade covers (changing the fonts of the cover) for $59. Another $79 (small graphical change) or $149 (major graphical change) apply in case you want other design changes. However please keep in mind that not all design changes can be implemented, so ask before purchasing. You get 3 revision rounds in case you opt for this option.

I plan to have my book printed. How do I get a spine and back for my book?

Just purchase the “SPINE & BACK” along the cover you want. You can also purchase the spine and back at a later date directly from your “MY BOOKS” page.


Just keep in mind that as long as you are publishing through Kindle Direct Publishing you can use our online LiveBuild cover maker. Everything is done according to the technical specifications put forward by Amazon, so your full cover should be ready in minutes. In case you’re using other publishers, their trim sizes, spine widths etc. might differ so in that case some manual intervention becomes necessary. We are fully experienced in IngramSpark as well. To purchase a spine and back of your book for a non-standard (non-KDP) publisher head over to the Additional Services page and purchase the “Reformat for additional publisher/non-standard trim size.”

You will receive the cover in JPG and PDF.


Downloading takes too long!

This usually happens because of a slow internet connection or because your system is doing other downloads in the background (such as Windows updates, that you might not be aware of). Please try again and if the problem should persist, let us know and we’ll look into it.

Why isn’t the watermark removed from my cover?

If you have already purchased the cover, it’s most likely because you’re not logged in yet. Try logging in, then click APPLY on the customization page and you should be able to receive your cover without a watermark.

What resolutions are offered?

Ebook covers are offered in 1680×2400 pixels -the standard resolution most e-book sites require.

Printed covers will depend on the trim size you choose. The important thing here is that they’re all 300DPI, hence enough resolution to be used for printed materials and in accordance with Amazon’s demands for KDP.

Can I download multiple instances of my cover?

Yes, as many as you like. You can download your cover with different texts and with different trim sizes, free of charge. In case your page count should change, just head over to the CUSTOMIZATION page and update the page count, click APPLY and download the new version.

I can’t find the download link

Please be sure to be logged in clicked on APPLY once. After that you should be able to see the download buttons for a variety of formats.

Do you offer IngramSpark versions of the covers?

Currently, our automated system only supports direct uploading to KDP (Amazon Kindle). IngramSpark version of your cover can be purchased from our Customization Services page, which can be found here. As a designer will manually prepare your cover for IngramSpark there is an extra fee of $49 (paperback) or $79 (hardcover) for this service. Please let us know if you’re planning on uploading to IngramSpark (and send us the final cover PDF file) and we’ll manually adjust it to IngramSpark.

Please remember to add the following information:

– Page count
– Paper type
– Trim size
– ISBN of the book

You can also send us the IngramSpark template directly by creating it from this page (click here). This will ensure that your cover specifications are correct and can speed up the process.

What format will my cover be produced in?

You get instant automatic download links for your cover in JPG, PDF and TIFF files. KDP and Ingram requires the PDF files, for all other general uses the JPG and TIFF files will do.

How long will it take for my cover to be delivered?

Instantly! This is one of the aspects that makes BookCoverZone unique. As soon as you choose a cover that suits your needs and press “REMAKE COVER” the wheels are in motion and your cover is carefully being processed by our system. Depending on the length of the name of your book, our AI engine analyses your title, your name and tries to create the best typographic composition possible. Once your cover is ready and presented to you, in case you feel a few re-touches are necessary you can also do that. In short, with BookCoverZone you will get a completely professional, beautifully crafted and amazingly striking cover for your next book in just a few seconds.

I need my Amazon KDP cover for a hardcover binding.

Currently, our automated system only supports direct uploading to KDP (Amazon Kindle) for paperback books. As hardcover is a fairly new service on Amazon (currently in beta) and will most likely be updated a few times until it becomes a standard service we do not offer an automated version of hardcover covers. Hence hardcover version of your cover for Amazon KDP can be purchased from our Customization Services page, which can be found here. As a designer will manually prepare your cover for hardcover there is an extra fee of $49 for this service. Please let us know if you’re planning on uploading as a hardcover (and send us the final cover PDF file) and we’ll manually adjust it to this format.

Please remember to add the following information:

– Page count
– Interior type
– Paper type
– Measurement unit
– Interior trim size
– ISBN of the book

You can also send us the Amazon KDP hardcover template directly by creating it from this page (click here). This will ensure that your cover specifications are correct and can speed up the process.

How BookCoverZone Works

How can I search for a cover?

All covers are uploaded with a wide range of keywords that can be used to get to them in the fastest way. However we’ve noticed that many authors still prefer to browse through our catalogue under a specific genre to see all the different alternatives that also might work for their book.

What are the restrictions on my cover?

License Duration: Perpetual

Regions of Use: Worldwide

Digital Use (websites, mobile apps, software, ebooks, etc.): Unlimited

Print Runs (in books/magazines, on posters, etc.): Up to 500,000

Out-of-home Advertising (tradeshow/conference signage, billboards, subway ads, etc.): Up to 500,000 gross impressions (views, not viewers)


Let us know if you should need an extended license with unlimited print runs, and we’ll take of it!

Can I see a mockup of my cover before I submit my payment?

Yes, you can see as many mockups as you want of your book. You can try different titles as well as different designs for your book. The mockups are not just frontal views, but also 3D mockups and tablet views. Just head over to the cover you want to try and insert your texts and press REMAKE COVER. Your mockups will be ready instantly!

What’s the difference between copyright and licence?

A big one! Holding the copyright of the image and obtaining a licence for the image are two completely different things. If you are the copyright holder, the image is yours to play with – you can do whatever you want with it, use it wherever you want and however you want. However, normally only the creator of an image is the copyright holder, so odds are you’ll only get a licence right for it when you purchase it.

When you get a licence to use it, it entitles you to use the image in a particular way,. A certain number of copies, geographical restrictions or restrictions on the media where it will be used – all of these are normally written on the contract. You must pay attention to follow these restrictions.

Why should I choose you?

Hopefully because you like the book covers on display here. But also because we’re probably one of the most experienced book cover design agencies out there. Our designers have designed book covers for over 6000 published books in a span of over 20 years. We know what sells, we know what the market wants and we know what the author expects.

We also hope to attract your attention with our innovative approach to premade covers. Getting results is fast here, your cover will be ready in a matter of seconds thanks to our intelligent cover generator. But don’t be fooled by it being a “generator” – all our covers are made by flesh and blood designers, our generator only takes care of laying out the texts in the best and most beautiful way possible.

Why is this page only focused on book designs?

Because book designing is a genuine and independent branch that requieres a designer to be able to communicate with a specific kind of audience. It requieres expertize and experience in the publishing industry, and the designers familiarity of the tastes and expectations of the bodies in the industry (book sellers, book distributors, media and the reader). Book designing should be interpreted as a subdivision of the design realm and is a branch of visual design that has a long heritage, numerous traditions and a unique design language. Book designing is communcating with an audience through the visual aesthetics of a book and should therefore be accepted as a unique discipline.

Can some other author use the cover I choose?

No, because as soon as your purchase your cover it is automatically deleted from our catalog. We know your story is unique, so your cover has to be unique as well. However as almost all book covers today are made with stock photos, you might bump into the same image on some other cover. But since we generally modify each image and many times combine different images to make a book cover, you will never be able to find the exact same cover on any other book.

Many times we use more than two images but even with two images below you can see an example of what turns into what:


Can I use the cover for the printed edition of my book?

Yes! All covers on our site are high-resolution so can be used both digital and printed. Just purchase the BACK & SPINE along with the cover you like to download a ready-to-upload high resolution version of your cover

Are you using free stock photos?

No, different from most other designers, we used paid content on our pre-made covers as well. Our main supplier for the images you see on our covers is Shutterstock, one of largest stock image libraries on earth. We have paid for each and every one of the images used on any cover.

Should I credit the book cover designer?

While it’s by no means necessary, it will, however, make the designer and/or the artist very happy. For a standard credit you can write Cover Design: BookCoverZone on the copyright page of your book. If you would like to put a specific name there, just drop us a line at and we’ll send you the designers name for that specific cover.

Purchasing & Payments

What is your returns/refund policy?

Due to the nature of the site and legal restrictions all sales are final. No refunds will be given.

Once a cover is purchased it is moved out of sale. The buyer gets full access to the cover without the watermark. Because our policy is to sell each cover only once. No refunds will be given.

Please make sure you want the cover, if you are not 100% sure do not purchase.

How to Purchase Covers

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At the checkout, we’ll ask for some account information before completing your purchase.
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Common PayPal Issues

Majority of the time PayPal payments will process instantaneously, but occasionally there can be a delay.

Often this delay is related to the original funding source. If a bank transfer or e-check was used, it sometimes takes 3-5 days for this kind of payment to be processed.