Book Cover for Sale! Why premade book covers might be the best choice for your next novel.

Premade does not mean mediocre. Premade does not mean ordinary. Quite on the contrary a premade book cover is many times the work of a bold spirit, a designer who has led his or her imagination run free and uninterrupted. The book cover designer knows the rules of design, the general landscape of the publishing industry and can thus create great book covers for the authors audience. Every book cover for sale on our site is a work-of-art.

Most importantly a premade book cover is a riskless and speedy purchase. WYSIWYG – what you see is what you get! You buy a world-class, professional work of design for the fraction of the price of what you would be paying had you worked directly with the designer behind it. Yes you can buy a book cover made specifically for your book from our system as well (see our custom designs service). But the book covers for sale on our site are by no means any less ambitious than what you would get had you worked with designer personally. And in the end of that design process you might not have been satisfied with the result and all the money and time you spent would have been in vain.

We are a book cover design service committed to only offering the most unique and eye-catching designs. Yes, it takes longer to create these covers, but in the end we’re confident that you’ll be satisfied with what you see and purchase from our service.