this cover has been sold.
this cover has been sold.

Tamarillo #7301

$119.00  $89.00

This book cover has 2 lines for the title, 1 line for the subtitle, 1 line for the author, 2 lines for the hook, and finally 1 line for the genre.

The most popular tags describing this Erotica premade book cover are see all, horizontal photos, photography, women photos and men photos.

Other keywords revelant to this premade cover are females photos, close-up photos, sensuality photos, red photos, adult photos, white color photos, males photos, couple - relationship photos, heterosexual couple photos, enjoyment photos, fun photos, leisure activity photos, sado-masochism photos, shoe photos, black background photos, handcuffs photos, bondage photos, satisfaction photos, playing photos, respect photos, domination photos, fetish wear photos, punishment photos, pain photos, necktie photos, high heels photos, sexual fetish photos, embarrassment photos, stiletto photos, sex toy photos, leisure games photos.

SKU: #7301

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