this cover has been sold.
this cover has been sold.

Gold Sand #8958

$119.00  $89.00

This book cover has 2 lines for the title, 1 line for the subtitle, 2 lines for the author, 2 lines for the hook, and finally 1 line for the genre.

The most popular tags describing this Fantasy premade book cover are see all, illustration, woman, fantasy and girl.

Other keywords revelant to this premade cover are , female, art, 3d, summer, vintage, cute, tree, magic, forest, green, fairy, flower, fairytale, wood, fly, fairy tale, myth, charming, elf, leaves, wings, enchanting, nymph, foliage, pixie, fae, maid, wreath, fairyland, flourish, seasons, fay, firefly, weed, dragonfly, glowworm.

SKU: #8958

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