this cover has been sold.
this cover has been sold.

Black Pearl #8516

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This book cover has 3 lines for the title, 1 line for the subtitle, 2 lines for the author, 2 lines for the hook, and finally 1 line for the genre.

The most popular tags describing this Medical premade book cover are see all, illustration illustrations, vector illustrations, people illustrations and horizontal illustrations.

Other keywords revelant to this premade cover are backgrounds illustrations, blue illustrations, technology illustrations, modern illustrations, science illustrations, healthy lifestyle illustrations, futuristic illustrations, healthcare and medicine illustrations, glowing illustrations, three dimensional illustrations, low-poly-modelling illustrations, medical exam illustrations, medicine illustrations, research illustrations, sweden illustrations, biology illustrations, epidemic illustrations, illness illustrations, microbiology illustrations, close-up illustrations, pharmacy illustrations, cold and flu illustrations, biological cell illustrations, viral infection illustrations, flu virus illustrations, virus illustrations, epidemiology illustrations, magnification illustrations, pathogen illustrations, pharmaceutical industry illustrations, infectious disease illustrations, microscope illustrations, fungus illustrations, hiv illustrations, cancer - illness illustrations, hepatitis illustrations, illness prevention illustrations, molecule illustrations, macrophotography illustrations, bacterium illustrations, cancer cell illustrations.

SKU: #8516

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