this cover has been sold.
this cover has been sold.

Birch #6931

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This book cover has 3 lines for the title, 1 line for the subtitle, 1 line for the author, 2 lines for the hook, and finally 1 line for the genre.

The most popular tags describing this Historical premade book cover are people, woman, beautiful, girl and young.

Other keywords revelant to this premade cover are beauty, , nature, black, white, fashion, portrait, travel, face, old, landscape, model, vintage, style, isolated, hair, romantic, outdoors, view, lady, retro, glamour, scene, tourism, vacation, history, makeup, luxury, mountain, transportation, antique, hat, new, vehicle, hairstyle, transport, wedding, gorgeous, fashionable, classic, trip, make-up, destination, bride, of, land, old-fashioned, rural, lipstick, rustic, jewelry, engine, steam, train, side, heavy, accessories, long hair, track, bridal, veil, luxurious, railroad, in, make up, expensive, passenger, necklace, manicure, beige, styling, location, jewellery, no, locomotive, nail, pearls, mode, red lips, range, traveling, non-urban, wavy hair, bijouterie, pinup, 50s girl.

SKU: #6931

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