Select your cover, leave the rest to us!

In case you have found a cover that works for your book, but you would prefer us to prepare it for uploading to Amazon KDP, we’re here to help! After having found your ideal cover, click on the “YOU DO EVERYTHING!” link at the bottom of the page and give us the title and other relevant texts and a designer will immediately start working on making everything fit just as it would on a professionally designed cover. Once the job is finished, you will get the cover for approval. If everything is OK, we’ll send you the final, upload-ready files.

Included in the fee of $89 are:

  • Revising the placement, sizes, and colors of the texts to fit your title and author’s name.
  • Adding additional text lines, if necessary.
  • Preparing the cover for any of the sizes supported at Amazon KDP.
  • Sending the final cover to you for approval.
  • In case you would like some small adjustments, we also offer one round of revisions.

Additional fees will occur when:

  • You need a font, different from the font already available on the premade cover. In this case, we would like to know which font you want. You can always browse our catalogue of tens of thousands of covers to find one where the font is suitable for your book.
  • Your back cover needs elements, other than those provided by our system. These are: author’s portrait, a biography, a blurb, as well as testimonials. Anything other than this will have a small extra fee. We can also put a faded version of the front cover image on the back, in case you don’t prefer a solid color on the back.
  • You need the cover for non-standard trim sizes or trim sizes other than those found at Amazon KDP.
  • You want graphical changes on the cover.
Please keep in mind that this is a one-time service. A designer will work on creating your cover, based on the cover you have selected from our catalog. Once you have received all of the final, upload-ready files, future updates, such as changing the trim size, the texts or the spine width (due to page count or paper type differences) will have an extra fee of $30.
What we offerDesign services with extra fees:
Making all the texts you need on the front cover fit ideally on your cover of choice. We will add or remove lines if necessary. We guarantee that your cover will look professional.Changing the fonts on the cover. ($30) You will need to tell us which fonts you would like to use. In case you’re not sure, you can always browse our catalog to find typefaces that you feel will work on your cover.
Preparing the back cover with the texts and images you will send us. Please be sure to send us everything you want for the back cover. You need elements other than the blurb, the author’s biography, some testimonials and a short biography. ($30)
One revisions round in case you need any changes.Additional revision rounds ($30)